Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ribbit Ribbit.....

Well, I'm happy to report that Z loved yesterday's lunch of macaroni and cheese packed in the thermos. Woo Hoo!!!!.... so many more options for me to pack in his lunch now. He really liked this chip and dip container, too. He asked me to pack his lunch in it again today. So, today I'm using one of my favorite products....the CuteZCute Food Cutter.  It makes super easy and cute sandwiches a cinch. The sandwich is made using the frog cutter. This container is a bit on the small side, so I included a side cup of applesauce (which just happens to be a cute frog). Ribbit Ribbit!!

In this lunch:
*peanut butter and all-fruit spread CuteZCute frog sandwich
*pretzel snaps
*sweet baby peas
*red and green grapes
*applesauce in the frog cup
* black olives
*linked to:

Some of the things I used to make this lunch:
CuteZCute Animal Friends Deco Cutter and Stamp Set
Wilton silicone baking cup
Cute frog baran

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