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Hello Everyone! Welcome to a little part of my world, The Lucky Lunchbox. I'm so glad you decided to drop by and visit. My name is Tracy, and I am a fourty-something stay-at-home mom with 3 boys... 2 human and 1 canine. I have been married 20 years to a fabulous guy. We are a very busy bunch that loves to spend time together as a family, and we are very faith centered. My hubby is self-employed, and I work part-time as a volunteer bible teacher at a local women's prison and enjoy a lot of time in my ministry. The Lucky Lunchbox is my personal effort to chronicle the fun and healthy lunches that I make for my son. I started making cute bento style lunches for him when he was in kindergarten as a means to encourage him to eat heartily at lunchtime. My goal is to pack lunches that are healthy and nutritionally balanced while being fun and creative. Neither of my children have sensitivities to artificial colors, preservatives, or flavorings. However, I choose to limit these things in their diet, and I choose organic or all-natural foods whenever possible.

I also share recipes and other fun and interesting parts of our life that I think you will enjoy. So, kick your shoes off, relax, and stay awhile. I love feedback, and I welcome any questions or comments.

The Lucky Lunchbox's zany cast of characters:

The Mom
(AKA: T-mom, Mom, Honeybun)
I love coffee, the color green, thrift store shopping, and playing Words With Friends. I conduct bible studies at my local women's prison 2X a week. I am terrified of flying, have an addiction to Chapstick, and Turner Classic Movies is my favorite channel. 

The Dad
(AKA: Doc, Dad, T-man,)
The Dad- soulmate of The Mom. He is very easy-going, hard working, funny, down-to-earth, sensitive....you get the picture. He's a really great guy. 

Kid #1
(AKA: Z, Z-man, the "cleaner", little guy, Buddy)
Kid #1- the beneficiary of all my lunch making cuteness. He has a very fun-loving nature, is quite the artist, has a tremendous sense of humor, and thinks big brother hung the moon.

Kid #2
(AKA: G, G-man, Bubby, Boog)
Kid #2- tolerates all the lunch making cuteness for Kid #1. He is highly intelligent (not sure where that came from), is a very talented writer, and sings in the advanced chorus at school.

The Dog
(AKA: Beau, Bozer, Spoo)
The Dog- the official taste tester and leftover lunch scrap eater of The Lucky Lunchbox

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