Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Squeasy Gear is in the house......Part 1

Hi Friends!! Summer is in full swing here in the M-town, and I'm happy to report that my kids are not driving me bonkers....yet. Happy summer to all of you! I don't blog very often during the summer break due to how manic and unpredictable our summer days are...yeah, you understand. But, when the super nice folks over at Squeasy Gear asked if we wanted to check out their cool new reusable pouches and sport bottles, I jumped at the opportunity.

When I was first approached by Squeasy Gear, I had the same reaction that you probably just did...."Hmmmmmm- Squeasy Gear...what's Squeasy Gear?" So, I donned my detective hat and dusted off my spy glass, and did some diggin' to find out what this interestingly titled product was. My discovery????

Squeasy Gear is a line of mess-free, eco-friendly reusable silicone food pouches and bottles designed for purées, smoothies, applesauce, yogurt, pudding, and the like. And, a removable insert prevents spills when serving water, juice, or other liquids. Ok, so needless to say, I was intrigued by this product. In all honesty, my kids are older and are quite adept at using a spoon, and there hasn't been a sippy cup in my house in years.....yes, YEARS! So, my first thought was that Squeasy Gear was designed for kids that were a lot younger than mine...toddlers and preschoolers. However, my little guy is always asking for those store bought prefilled applesauce and fruit know the ones. Kids will eat anything in a pouch, right? So, I enthusiastically decided to see what Squeasy Gear was all about, and consider it from the perspective of a 7 yr old.

And I am sooooo glad that I did!! Squeasy Gear is such a cool product. Both of my kids hovered over me as I unwrapped the box, obviously intrigued by the brightly colored items inside. I received the bright green 6oz. Squeasy Snacker (perfect size for Z) and the gray 16oz. Squeasy Sport (awesome for my 15 yr old smoothie lover). I put the Snacker to the test right away. After washing it up (which was a breeze since the pouches can be turned inside-out), I filled it with applesauce for Z. I passed it on to him and waited....... A few minutes later, he returned with the empty Snacker in hand and responded, "This is really cool, Mom. Yeah, I like it." Thumbs-up from the Z-man!! Always a good thing to have the approval of a 7 yr old. I inspected the empty Snacker (and Z's shirt) for evidence of applesauce leakage and found none at all. Ten minutes into receiving the Squeasy Snacker, we already have 2 big pluses.....easy to clean and mess-free! I'm happy to say that Z wagged his Squeasy Snacker around with him all day, filling it with water on several occasions.


I'm anxious to give the Squeasy Sport a try. My oldest loves smoothies, and the Squeasy Sport is perfect for smoothies. I'll share the 15 yr old perspective of the Squeasy Sport bottle with you all soon. Stay tuned for that. We'll continue to use the Snacker, too, to see if it maintains it's thumbs-up status. Stay tuned for that. And we're headed to the lake on vacay next week, and Squeasy Gear is going to the lake with us. Stay tuned for that. Ok....lots to stay tuned for!! 

Here are some of the features of Squeasy Gear that I like:

  • Made with 100% food grade non-toxic materials...BPA, PVC, and Phthalates free- YES!! SG is safe for our kids and won't harm our wonderful Earth.
  • Leak free and mess free- The no-spill insert means Z can drink red punch in the den again!
  • Easy to clean- SG can be turned inside-out and placed in the dishwasher (top rack only) or hand washed, and all those hard to clean nooks and crannies come squeaky clean. 
  • Budget friendly- Those store-bought fruit and veggie pouches can cost $1.00 or more. Squeasy Snackers are refillable, so I can maintain my Frugal Fannie status and buy bulk sizes of applesauce, yogurt, or whatever.
  • Kid friendly- Squeasy Gear is easy for kids to use, lightweight, and brightly colored. 

  • Squeasy Gear is fun to use, and even the name is fun to say.....Squeasy Snacker, Squeasy Snacker!

    Here is a lunch that I made for Z with his Squeasy Snacker:

    This lunch is packed in Easylunchboxes.
    • Homemade egg salad
    • Wheat Thins
    • baby carrots with Ranch dressing in the green cup
    • blueberries
    • Babybel cheese
    • Miss Meringue mint chocolate chip cookie 
    • Natural applesauce in the Squeasy Snacker
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    Some of the things, or similar things, that I used to make this lunch: