Monday, September 30, 2013

First fall lunch...

Well, fall is here. There have been so many great fall lunches from other lunch bloggers that I figured it was time for a fall themed lunch. However, it's still 80* here, so putting a fall lunch together was a bit difficult. Cooler weather is around the corner, though. Next week our temps will fall into the lower 70's, and I am ready!! Bring on the chili and sweatpants!!

This lunch is made in the Rubbermaid LunchBlox flat lunch kit.
*maple leaf shaped PB and all-fruit spread sandwich with cheese maple leaf
*Ritz Bitz cheese crackers
*corn on the cob, cherry tomatoes, and black olives
*red and green seedless grapes, sliced peaches in the yellow cup
*acorn shaped Applegate bologna pieces
*Sixlets candy pieces

Things used to make this lunch:
Rubbermaid LunchBlox

Friday, September 27, 2013

Freeze dried fruit....

Freeze dried fruit???!!!! Yep!!! I recently bought the Brothers All Natural freeze dried fruit for my kids to try and they loved it.....especially my little guy. It's 100% real fruit with no additives, preservatives, or artificial colors. Z likes to have it as an afternoon snack after school or for breakfast. There are several flavors....Asian pear, Fuji apple, and strawberry banana (Z already ate all the strawberry banana, or I would have pictured it) and there are other flavors, too.  I bought it at my local Walmart, but Brothers All Natural does have their own website. So, go out and get some!

And, no, I am not affiliated with Brothers All Natural.....this is just really good stuff!

Old MacDonald had a farm.....

Well, I was hoping that the sugar snap peas in yesterday's lunch would be a home run since Z ate them for dinner the night before. They were not! I was emphatically instructed to, "not put those green things in my lunch again, please, mom." So, today's lunch has the old standby in it.....sweet corn.

Today's lunch is pretty simple....going with the farm animal theme. 

This lunch is made in the Munchkin Mealtime Bento box.
*Applegate hotdog
*pretzel snaps
*red grapes and Honeycrisp apple wedge
*baby dill pickle
*sweet corn
*Dannon dye-free yogurt in the blue cup
*Hershey's kiss

Things I used to make this lunch:
Munchkin Mealtime Bento box
Wilton silicone baking cups

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Let's monkey around....

Both of my kids are very good eaters and usually are open to trying new foods. So last night, we had sugar snap peas for dinner. Z ate 2 of his, so I figured I would try them in his lunch box today with a little ranch dressing. I try to put the foods in his lunch that I know he will eat since he's at school all day and needs the fuel at lunch. So, here's hoping sugar snap peas will make the cut.

Also, today we have a monkey themed lunch.

This lunch is made in the Easy Lunch Boxes.
*peanut butter and all-fruit spread sandwich with candy eyes and mini Nilla wafer ears 
*Ritz Bitz cheese crackers 
*red and green grapes
*sugar snap peas, carrot rounds, and black olives
*applesauce in the red box
*monkey face jelly candy
*ranch dressing in the small white box

Things I used to make this lunch:

The monkey pick and most of the other picks that I use in my lunches come from 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Homemade lunchable....

My kids love those store bought Lunchables, but they are not very healthy. So, today's lunch is a homemade Lunchable type lunch. I made this lunch in 10 minutes which goes to show that you can make a cute lunch in very little time.

This lunch was made using the Easy Lunch Boxes.
*Applegate bologna sandwich squares and pieces
*strawberries and red, green, and black seedless grapes
*carrot rounds and black olives
*cherry tomatoes
*Nips snack crackers
*Hershey's kiss

Things I used to make this lunch:
Easy Lunch Boxes
Wilton square silicone baking cup

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Z's for lunch....

Those of you that follow me on Instagram (spoodlegirl) have probably noticed that I reference my little guy often. We at home affectionately call him 'Z' all the time. I wll probably post about both of my boys here at The Lucky Lunchbox. I've been a SAHM for 14 years, and they are my heart and soul. So, it only seems right to include them in this new endeavor of mine. My goal here is to post 2-3 lunches a week, and maybe an additional post if I have time. I won't post on the weekend as this is my time for all my men (I have a 2 yr old black standard poodle and he, too, is considered one of my 'men' ). You'll learn a lot about me, too, I'm sure.

Today's lunch consists of a bunch of Z's  just for my Z.

*Z shaped Applegate bologna sandwiches
*sweet corn with carrot Z's on top
*cherry tomatoes
*black olives
*green, black, and red seedless grapes
*pretzel rods
*Applegate bologna Z's
*applesauce in white box

Things I used to make this lunch:
Wilton silicone baking cup
Easy Lunch Boxes
Wilton 101 piece cookie cutter set

Monday, September 23, 2013

Goodbye summer....

Well, yesterday was the first day of fall. I have to admit, I'm so glad fall is here. It is my favorite time of the year.....cooler temps, leaves changing color, more soups and chilli, and football. So, today's lunch is a last goodbye to summer. Yay for fall!!

This lunch is made in the Munchkin Mealtime Bento box.
*sunglasses shaped peanut butter and all-fruit spread sandwich
*honey wheat pretzel sticks
*sweet corn
*red and green seedless grapes
*Applegate hotdog
*green olives
*Dannon dye free yogurt with Lifesavers gummy

Things used to make this lunch:
Munchkin Mealtime Bento box
Wilton square silicone cookie cutter set
Sunglasses cookie cutter

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A few faves from the past....

These are a few of the favorite lunches I've made over the past few months. I'm still figuring out this blogging thing, so pleeeeease bear with me.

Morningstar Farms mini corn dogs,  McCain's smiley face potato patties,
corn on the cob, carrots, strawberries & grapes, yogurt covered raisins, Yoplait
Vanilla yogurt
Peanut butter and all-fruit spread flower sandwiches, pretzel snaps,  green
beans & carrots,  green olives, strawberries & seedless grapes, Dannon dye-free
yogurt, pickle

CuteZCute  peanut butter & all-fruit spread sandwich, pretzel snaps,  carrot
rounds, cherry tomatoes, pear slices, 2 mini Oreo cookies, Applegate
bologna pig, applesauce in green box

The first day of school lunch.....

My little guy started school in August, so to get started, I thought I'd share the lunch I made for him on the first day. While we are not a vegan family, I do try to include a selection of fruit and veggies  in every lunch. I also try to limit the artificial colors, flavorings, etc. that we eat. Neither of my kids have a sensitivity to artificial colors, etc., so I do include foods with them on occasion. I do choose 100% natural lunch meats and such, though, as both of my kids are BIG lunch meat eaters.

This lunch is made using Easylunchboxes.
*pencil shaped Applegate brand bologna sandwich
*carrots, red bell pepper, and green olives
*seedless black grapes
*Yoplait vanilla yogurt in the yellow cup
*dill pickle
*2 Hershey's kisses

These are a few of the items I used for this lunch:
Wilton brand silicone cupcake cups

The very first blog post.....

Well, here it is.....the very first blog post of the The Lucky Lunchbox. I created this blog to share the fun, creative, and healthy lunches that I make for my 5 yr. old son. I began making these lunches for him in November of 2012 as a kindergartner, and it has snowballed into something that is fabulously fun for me. I am by no means an experienced blogger, so this may be very slow (and painful) to begin with. I will share what's in my son's lunch and the products used to create the lunch as well. I get much inspiration from several wonderful fun lunch bloggers and will credit them, too.  So, I hope you enjoy my posts to The Lucky Lunchbox, and gain some inspiration to go on a fun lunch journey of your own.