Sunday, September 22, 2013

The first day of school lunch.....

My little guy started school in August, so to get started, I thought I'd share the lunch I made for him on the first day. While we are not a vegan family, I do try to include a selection of fruit and veggies  in every lunch. I also try to limit the artificial colors, flavorings, etc. that we eat. Neither of my kids have a sensitivity to artificial colors, etc., so I do include foods with them on occasion. I do choose 100% natural lunch meats and such, though, as both of my kids are BIG lunch meat eaters.

This lunch is made using Easylunchboxes.
*pencil shaped Applegate brand bologna sandwich
*carrots, red bell pepper, and green olives
*seedless black grapes
*Yoplait vanilla yogurt in the yellow cup
*dill pickle
*2 Hershey's kisses

These are a few of the items I used for this lunch:
Wilton brand silicone cupcake cups

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