Friday, September 27, 2013

Old MacDonald had a farm.....

Well, I was hoping that the sugar snap peas in yesterday's lunch would be a home run since Z ate them for dinner the night before. They were not! I was emphatically instructed to, "not put those green things in my lunch again, please, mom." So, today's lunch has the old standby in it.....sweet corn.

Today's lunch is pretty simple....going with the farm animal theme. 

This lunch is made in the Munchkin Mealtime Bento box.
*Applegate hotdog
*pretzel snaps
*red grapes and Honeycrisp apple wedge
*baby dill pickle
*sweet corn
*Dannon dye-free yogurt in the blue cup
*Hershey's kiss

Things I used to make this lunch:
Munchkin Mealtime Bento box
Wilton silicone baking cups

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