Sunday, September 22, 2013

The very first blog post.....

Well, here it is.....the very first blog post of the The Lucky Lunchbox. I created this blog to share the fun, creative, and healthy lunches that I make for my 5 yr. old son. I began making these lunches for him in November of 2012 as a kindergartner, and it has snowballed into something that is fabulously fun for me. I am by no means an experienced blogger, so this may be very slow (and painful) to begin with. I will share what's in my son's lunch and the products used to create the lunch as well. I get much inspiration from several wonderful fun lunch bloggers and will credit them, too.  So, I hope you enjoy my posts to The Lucky Lunchbox, and gain some inspiration to go on a fun lunch journey of your own.


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