Thursday, September 26, 2013

Let's monkey around....

Both of my kids are very good eaters and usually are open to trying new foods. So last night, we had sugar snap peas for dinner. Z ate 2 of his, so I figured I would try them in his lunch box today with a little ranch dressing. I try to put the foods in his lunch that I know he will eat since he's at school all day and needs the fuel at lunch. So, here's hoping sugar snap peas will make the cut.

Also, today we have a monkey themed lunch.

This lunch is made in the Easy Lunch Boxes.
*peanut butter and all-fruit spread sandwich with candy eyes and mini Nilla wafer ears 
*Ritz Bitz cheese crackers 
*red and green grapes
*sugar snap peas, carrot rounds, and black olives
*applesauce in the red box
*monkey face jelly candy
*ranch dressing in the small white box

Things I used to make this lunch:

The monkey pick and most of the other picks that I use in my lunches come from 

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