Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bentgo Kids and a bear....

Giving the Bentgo Kids lunchbox a go again today. So far, we really like this lunchbox. For those of you familiar with the Yumbox, it is comparable in size to it. The inner box layout varies some, but capacitywise, the Bentgo Kids box holds about the same as the Yumbox. We're still in the "testing" phase of this new lunchbox, so after my son has used it a few more times, I'll share with you my thoughts on it compared to the Yumbox. 

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This lunch is packed in the Bentgo Kids lunchbox.
  • Natural Selects bologna and mustard sandwich with cheddar cheese bear
  • Rold Gold mini pretzels
  • red seedless grapes
  • carrot rounds and green olives
  • Colby-Jack cheese cubes
  • Brothers-All-Natural raspberry-Fuji apple fruit clusters mixed with Happy Times organic yogurt melts- My kids love the freeze dried fruit. The BAN fruit clusters are 100% fruit with nothing artificial added....a fun alternative to fresh fruit. The Happy Times yogurt melts are little yogurt bites that are freeze dried, as well. These make great snack choices, too.
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Some of the things, or similar things, that I used to make this lunch:

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