Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snowmageddon in the M-town....

Dear Mother Nature,
          I have two words for you......very funny!!! Yesterday, it was 66*, and I was wearing my flip flops. Today, it is 20*, and we have 8 inches of ice and snow on the ground. That is crazy!!! We are two weeks away from spring, so please, no more unexpected weather surprises! Whatever deal you made with the groundhog, please rethink it!

                                                                        Frustrated, snowed-in Mama

We finally got some snow in the M-town. We have wanted snow since winter began and now, two weeks away from spring, and we get hit with snowmageddon. Blerg! Well played, Mother Nature. The kidlets were, of course, overjoyed when they hopped out of bed this morning and were met with a winter wonderland. Schools are closed today and tomorrow, so that is only adding to their giddiness. They are outside with my husband right now happily frolicking in the fluffy white stuff. Me.....I'm sitting in front of a nice warm fire. I did venture out this morning before the kids stirred and all the peaceful, fluffy whiteness was disturbed and I took a few pictures....snow covered everything really is beautiful. I think I'll head to the kitchen now to make some hot chocolate. My fridged little snow bunnies should be coming in very soon. Enjoy your day, Friends.

Here is yesterday's lunch for the boy.

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This lunch is packed in Easy Lunch Boxes.
  • Hawaiian bread Natural Selects ham and mustard mini sandwiches
  • cheddar cheese cubes
  • red seedless grapes
  • sweet peas
  • Snack Factory pretzel thins with one Snack Factory chocolate covered pretzel thin

Some of the things, or similar things, that I used to make this lunch:

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