Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bentgo Kids lunchbox

Hey, hey Y'all!! Lookie here. There's a new lunchbox in the house. This is a Bentgo Kids lunchbox, and isn't it super cute? I've been eying one of these for some time, and I finally was able to get my hands on one. If your're a regular reader of The Lucky Lunchbox, then you already know how much I love the all-in-one type bento lunchboxes.....lunchboxes with the lid attached and divided compartments for food. I love the all-in-one type lunchboxes because they allow my son to sit down at the lunch table and begin eating his baggies to open, no difficult container lids to open, no looking for a teacher to open said difficult lid. He can spend his 25 valuable minutes of lunch eating his lunch. I have very high hopes for this Bentgo Kids lunchbox.

The Bentgo Kids box is designed with children in mind. The recommended ages for this box are 3 to 7. My little guy is 7, and it holds plenty of food for him. (He has a small to medium appetite.) This box is on the small side. However, the Bentgo Kids lunchbox can be strategically packed so that it holds quite a lot of food. I can see my son using it for a couple more years. It may not be sufficient for bigger-kid appetites, though. It comes in three fun, bright, blue, and purple...sure to please even the pickiest color connoisseur.

The Bentgo Kids lunchbox has five individual compartments; one large compartment which is perfect for a small salad or half of a sandwich, and 3 smaller compartments that are great for fruit, veggies, pretzels, yogurt, or snacks. The smallest compartment is just the right size for ketchup, ranch dressing, or a fun little treat. I really like that the 5 individual compartments are sealed and leakproof when the box is closed.....yep! The food stays where it should, which means no soggy sandwiches or pretzels from leaking applesauce. 

The front two clasps are easy to manipulate, which is great for small fingers. And the ultimate Mama-loving feature....the inner tray pops out and goes in the dishwasher. WooHoo!! (I would hand wash the outer box so as to preserve the leakproof seal.) The Bentgo Kids box has rubber coated edges and a sturdy drop-proof design, which is great for busy, on-the-go kids (or my little dropsy mopsy). It comes with an awesome 2-year warranty and is made with the highest quality food-grade materials, which means the box is free of BPA, PVC, Phthalates, lead, and vinyl. 

The Bentgo Kids lunchbox costs appx. $28, and this does not include a carrying bag. It is not insulated, so an ice pack needs to be included.

So far, I really like this lunchbox. It makes eating AND packing lunch fun! I look forward to more fun lunches in the Bentgo Kids lunchbox. 

I'm very pleased to share with you our very first Bentgo Kids lunch:

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This lunch is packed in the Bentgo Kids lunchbox.
*  Natural Selects bologna roll ups
*  Monterrey Jack cheese wedge
*  Pepperidge Farms cheddar cheese gold fish
*  baby carrot sticks with Ranch dressing in the rainbow box
*  Yoplait  dye-free yogurt
*  Brothers-All-Natural raspberry-Fuji apple fruit clusters- My kids love the freeze dried fruit. These BAN fruit clusters are 100% fruit with nothing artificial added. They are a fun alternative to fresh fruit, and they make great snacks.
*  Mott's Natural fruit snacks

Some of the things, or similar things, that I used to make this lunch:

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