Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ladybug lunch

 Back home now from our journey to the mountains this week, and I'm sooo ready to get back to making lunches for Z. I hadn't planned to post a lunch this week, but I had a fabulous surprise waiting on me when we Yumbox arrived!! Z was very excited to try it out, so I went ahead and made this quick lunch for him. He even picked out the theme of ladybugs. I think we are really going to enjoy this lunchbox. Well, back to the dreaded chore of unpacking. See you all next week!

This lunch is packed in the green Yumbox.
*circle Applegate ham ladybug sandwiches decorated with a light spray of Wilton red Color Mist and black edible food marker
*sweet corn with carrot flower and dill pickle stem and leaves, orange cherry tomato
*red seedless grapes and pear chunks
*honey wheat pretzel sticks
*applesauce and Craisins in the small circle cup
*linked to Following In My Shoes/ I  Heart Lunch

Things I used to make this lunch:
Ladybug food picks
Silicone food cup

I think I'm going to really like using the Yumbox. It's a very good size for my first grader. It holds plenty of food for him, and he really likes to have his food separated, so this lunchbox will work well for him. Yay for Yumbox!!


  1. I've never seen a Yumbox before. I like it! Your ladybug bento is very cute. :)

  2. Hi Koogle...thanks so much!! I'm new to the Yumbox. I've used it only a couple of times. So far we like it.