Monday, October 21, 2013

Monster's University lunch...

We love Monsters, Inc. This is a lunch that I made back during the summer when the new Monsters University was released. We, of course, were some of the first ones at the theater the day it was released, and we were so excited that the theater included the cute cup and Pez with the kid's popcorn meal. This lunch went over very well with Z. The cute basket that it's served in actually came from my local dollar store. And I love the Mike apple....he is just crazy cute!!

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In this lunch:
*Applegate hotdog slices
*veggie mix and black olives with homemade Monsters U pick
*Monster's U Cheese-Its
*granny smith apple Mike with marshmallow eye and teeth- I used a food safe marker to draw the eye and mouth on the marshmallow.
*peanut butter and all-fruit spread sandwich under the 'scaring school' pennant
*linked to: Lunchbox Dad/ Throwback Thursday

Some things I used to make this lunch: