Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pizza stuffed biscuits....

Today's lunch is pretty simple....mama was in a hurry last night. The little guy loves the chocolate mini wheats dry as a snack. I found cinnamon mini wheats at the grocery the other day and thought we'd give them a try today. I also bought these pizza stuffed biscuits. Z won't eat most things in his lunch that usually require heating like mac & cheese or pizza, but he will eat these. I'm still looking for some other foods that he will eat unheated. What are some foods your kids will eat in their lunch unheated?

This lunch is made in Easy Lunch Boxes.
*pizza stuffed biscuits
*pretzel thins
*carrot rounds, purple and orange cherry tomatoes
*red and green seedless grapes
*sliced peaches in the yellow cup
*Kellogg's Little Bites cinnamon mini wheats

Things I used to make this lunch:
Wilton silicone baking cups


  1. The simple hurried lunches often end up being some of my kids' favourites. This si cute & has stuff he likes, win!
    My kids will now eat cold chicken nuggets, since I started making my own :)

  2. Chicken nuggets.....that's a good idea. I'll definitely try them. Thanks!!