Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Yay for Summer!!!!

Yay!!!! Summer has officially started in the Meier house. Thanks to the hubs for letting the Spoo out this morning so that I could lounge in the bed until 7:30. Both of my boys were still asleep when I got up, so I was able to sit outside on my back porch, enjoy the cool breeze, and have a cup of coffee. We love the more relaxed mornings during summer break. We stay extremely busy, though....a good kind of busy. I'm hoping to keep the same schedule of posting a lunch twice a week. I love making fun lunches during the summer because I can be more creative by using different types of plates and boxes that aren't so school lunch friendly. Plus, I can use foods that may not work well in the lunchbox. I also have a really fun giveaway coming up in June, so please stay tuned for that. Hope you all have a great summer planned, as well.

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I really like this lunchbox. My mother actually found it at a local thrift store and snagged it for me, so unfortunately I can't tell you where it came from.

In this lunch:
*Natural Selects turkey hotdog slices with smiley sun cupcake topper
*carrot rounds and black olives with flip flop cupcake pick
*Great Value pretzel balls with ice cream cupcake pick
*strawberries and Granny Smith apple wedges
*There's a baby dill pickle and a mini marshmallow tucked in beside the blue and purple silicone cups.
*linked to: Eats Amazing/ Fun Food Friday

Some of the things, or similar things, that I used to make this lunch

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  1. I hope you are having a wonderful summer holiday, it's amazing how 7.30 seems like a lie-in once you have kids!
    Thank you for linking up at Fun Food Friday!