Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Playing cat and mouse...

Hi Friends!! Happy Tuesday to you. Well, the count down has begun in my house. My kids have 7 more days of school left before summer break, and you can bet they are COUNTING. EVERY. SECOND!! Actually, so am I. This mama is soooo over homework, early alarms, AND making lunches at this point. But, alas, the kidlets still want to eat lunch. So, from now til the end of the school year, Z's lunches will probably be very simple....(yes, I enjoy making these lunches for Z, but I am ready for the more relaxed summertime lunch making schedule.) Today, I chose to go with the CuteZCute Animal Friends deco cutter kit again. This is such a simple kit to use, and it scores a 10 on the cuteness scale. Earlier in the month, I made a CuteZCute panda lunch, and last week, I made CuteZCute frog pancakes and piggy mac and cheese. So, to round out the animal bunch, today's lunch has a CuteZCute cheese kitty sandwich. If you make fun lunches for your kidlets, please check out the CuteZCute Animal friends kit. It will quickly become your favorite lunch making tool.

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This lunch is packed in Easy Lunch Boxes.
*almond butter and all-fruit spread sandwich with CuteZCute Monterey Jack cheese kitty on top
*homemade kitty shaped Parmesan cheese crackers- Ok....these were definitely a cooking fail. I think I over baked them. They were very crunchy like a cracker and tasted pretty good, but definitely a bit over cooked. I will try to make them again, but adjust the baking time some. If they turn out better, I will blog the recipe.
*green olives
*carrot rounds and red cherry tomatoes with cat cupcake pick
*strawberries and blackberries- The strawberry mouse is just crazy cute. I saw the strawberry mouse idea on Pinterest. He is very easy to make. I cut the green top off the strawberry. The ears are 2 pieces of the Parmesan crackers that I stuck into the strawberry. (The Pinterest version used 2 almond slivers for the ears...I didn't have almonds, so I improvised with the cracker pieces.) The nose is a mini chocolate chip, and the eyes are a dot of gel icing. But, I could have used 2 mini chips for the eyes with the same effect.

Some of the things, or similar things, that I used to make this lunch:

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