Monday, September 8, 2014

Freeze Dried Green Beans are A-OK...

WooHoo! New veggie like for the little guy....well, sort of! Green beans are probably one of Z's favorite vegetables. I found these Brothers-all-Natural freeze dried green beans the other day and decided to give them a try. WOWZERS!! These things are delicious. Z couldn't get enough of them. They are very crunchy, and the drying process strangely makes them slightly sweet. They have no additives or preservatives and are 100% veggie. These can be rehydrated and used in regular cooking, too. We love all of the Brothers-All-Natural products. Their freeze dried fruit is one of our favorite things to snack on, and we recently tried the new fruit clusters. Yummo!!! Added bonus....the official taste tester of The Lucky Lunchbox (our standard poodle) loves them, too. So, these are a great doggie treat, as well. Win-Win all around!

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This lunch is packed in Easy Lunch Boxes.
*Natural Selects bologna rolls with frog pick
*Ritz peanut butter crackers
*white cheddar Babybel cheese
*strawberries and peaches
*Brothers-All-Natural freeze dried green beans and red cherry tomatoes

Some of the things, or similar things, that I used to make this lunch:

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