Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lovely Leftovers...

Well, it's no secret that I love the Yumbox for Z's lunch during the school year. The original Yumbox is great, but I'm especially loving the new design of the Yumbox Panino. As you can see below, it holds a lot of food. It is the perfect size for older kidlets. Z only gets 25 minutes for lunch, so I really like that all of Z's lunch is in the Yumbox. All he has to do is sit down at the lunch table, open his Yumbox, and start plastic baggies to mess with, no small containers with difficult lids to get off, no searching for a teacher to take said difficult lid off. All of his lunch time is spent doing what he should be doing.....eating his lunch. The Yumbox Panino is small enough that it fits in any lunchbag. So, your kids can still have those super cute character bags that they seem to clamor for. And, best of all, the Yumbox Panino has all of the great features of the original Yumbox. The new school year starts very soon, and I'm sure I'll be reaching for the Yumbox quite often. To see my review of the original Yumbox, click HERE.

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This lunch is packed in the Yumbox Panino.
*leftover ravioli with meat sauce and breadstick
*tomato and mozzarella salad
*red seedless grapes
*natural applesauce

Some of the things that I used to make this lunch:

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