Wednesday, June 11, 2014

3 Tools 4 Lunches challenge

Hi Friends! I'm very excited about this post. Today, I have the awesome privilege of participating in a new series hosted by Wendy of Wendolonia called 3 Tools 4 Lunches. This is a great blogging series where 4 lunch packing moms use the same 3 tools to create a fabulously fun lunch. We all need some creative inspiration at times, and this lunch challenge will hopefully give you awesome lunch packing moms just that. And, this awesome challenge will help you to see the versatility of the tools that have been used. At the end of this post, I've included a link to this week's challenge on Wendolonia where you can see the 3 other terrific lunches. Thanks Wendy for letting me participate in this super fun series!

The tools for today's challenge are: Transportation cutter/stamp set, and edible food writers, Yumbox

I love the Yumbox (you can see my Yumbox review HERE). I wanted to use at least 2 of the transportation cutters for the challenge, but, because the box is very small, it was a challenge to figure out how to use 2 cutters. So, I decided to use the car cutter/mold for the sandwiches and the boat cutter/mold for a frozen yogurt boat, and put them in separate spaces. To make the frozen yogurt boat, I poured some tiny sprinkles into the grooved areas of the stamper part and then gently spooned vanilla yogurt on top. I then put the entire cutter in the freezer to allow the yogurt to freeze for a few hours. Once frozen, I ran a bit of hot water over the outside of the cutter, and the yogurt popped out.

I used the edible food writers for the bologna car accents and for the "vroom" on the Babybel cheese.

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This lunch is packed in the Yumbox.
*car shaped Natural Selects bologna and cheddar cheese sandwich with bologna car on top- I used the edible food marker for the details.
*Ritz Bitz cheddar cheese crackers
*green olives
*Babybel cheese with "vroom" written on the cheese wax with edible food marker
*baby carrots and sugar snap peas
*strawberries and cherries
*frozen yogurt boat in blue yogurt water- I added a drop of blue food color to the vanilla yogurt. If you are sending a school lunch, the frozen yogurt will have thawed by lunchtime and can be eaten with the other yogurt. I like adding frozen yogurt shapes to Z's school lunch because it helps to keep the yogurt cold and is super cute.
*Craisins in the treat cup
*linked What's for lunch Wednesday

I added a few cute transportation themed picks for some additional fun.

Some of the things, or similar things, that I used to make this lunch:

 Click HERE to see the details of the 3 other fabulous lunches. Then, take some time and check out the Wendolonia blog. You will not be disappointed in Wendy's lunch making awesomeness.

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