Friday, May 22, 2015

Yay for summer!!!!

Whoohoo!! We made it!! The end of school is finally here, school's out, time for summer! I've been limping toward the end-of-school finish line now for a while. I tapped out somewhere mid-April. Are you there yet, Moms?? The end-of-school year insanity has come to an end (insert immensely huge smiley face here). Now time for the busy summer insanity to begin. Since we are so busy during the summertime, I usually don't post very many lunches. But, I have 2 super neat lunchpacking products that I'm going to try out and do a write-up on for back-to-school (yep, gotta start thinking about that now...LOL). So, stay tuned for this. Also, I like to showcase other fabulous bloggers during the summer, so look for this, as well. Hang in there, Moms, the end-of-year insanity will be over very soon for you, too, and I hope you all have an amazingly fun and wonderful summer, Friends!

Here is my kiddo's last lunch of 2nd grade:

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This lunch is packed in Easylunchboxes.
  • Alexia mini stuffed ham and cheese bites
  • Rold Gold mini pretzels- There are 2 chocolate covered mini pretzels for a treat.
  • Natural applesauce- I added some strawberry purée for flavor and color.
  • baby carrots with Ranch dressing for dipping
  • Brothers-All-Natural freeze dried strawberry fruit crisps

Some of the things, or similar things, that I used to make this lunch:

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