Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Lego Movie Emmet lunch...

Can you guess from today's lunch what movie our family went to see this past weekend? Yep...The Lego Movie. Z absolutely loved it, and I have to admit it really was cute. Over the past several days, Z has been drawing pictures of all the movie characters and playing the movie with his own Lego collection. I've had this cute Lego lunchbox for some time now, but don't use it very often because it's very small. But, it's so stinkin' cute that I had to bring it out so that I could make an Emmet lunch.

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This lunch is packed in a Lego lunchbox.
*Applegate bologna and cheddar cheese sandwich with cheddar cheese Emmet on top (I cut out the shape of Emmet's head with a knife and then used a black food safe marker to draw in the hair and face.)
*pretzel snaps
*red and green seedless grapes with homemade Lego picks
*carrot rounds, black olives, and red cherry tomatoes in the small red Lego box
*There are a couple pieces of grilled chicken hiding underneath the Emmet sandwich.
*linked to : Eats Amazing/ Fun Food Friday

       Here is a look into the small red Lego box.

Some of the things I used to make this lunch:

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  1. This is so cute, I love the cheese Emmet! We love the Lego lunch box too, must get ours out soon!
    Thank you for linking up at Fun Food Friday!