Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Planters NUTrition peanut butter rollup

My little guy loves peanut butter, and he loves bananas. I found a very interesting peanut butter mix at the Dollar Tree the other day...Planters NUTrition banana granola nut energy mix. Since it was brand name Planters, I decided to give it a try. It is very thick, chunky, and crunchy, so if you don't like chunky peanut butter, this is definitely not for you. It has a very subtle banana flavor and little bits of granola and nuts mixed in it. The little guy really liked this peanut butter, It is all-natural, made with real bananas, and is very nutrient dense. I would consider it more of an adult peanut butter (it would be great on Ritz crackers). But, I'm glad Z likes it. Yay!!! I can change up the 'ole PB&J a bit now.

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This lunch is packed in Easy Lunch Boxes.
*Planters NUTrition banana granola nut peanut butter and all-fruit spread tortilla rollup
*cheddar cheese pretzels
*Pink Lady apple wedges
*sweet peas with carrot rounds on top
*green grapes with a few yogurt covered raisins
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Some of the things, or similar things, that I used to make this lunch:

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