Sunday, November 17, 2013

Finally Fall in Memphis...

Well, it finally feels like fall here in the M-town, so all this week, I'm going to do fall themed lunches. Today's lunch is served up in the Yumbox. You may have noticed the turkey off to the side. No, ok, take a look at him. If you scroll down a bit, there is a larger photo of him. Go ahead........I'll wait for you. Did you look at him? Isn't he crazy cute?? He's made entirely from candy and Oreo cookies. My stepmother, who is a baking phenom, made him. She creates some of the cutest and yummiest treats, cookies, cakes, and candies.  This little guy is perfect for the fall, so, of course, I had to include him in a fall themed lunch. I plan to include more of my stepmother's baking goodies in future lunches.

This lunch is packed in the Yumbox.
*Natural Selects ham sandwiches with Colby-Jack cheese leaves on top
*tomato salad (one of Z's faves- cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, Craisins, croutons, balsamic dressing)
*strawberries and grapes with fall flower pick
*Ritz Bitz cheese crackers
*all-natural applesauce with leaf sprinkles
*2 candy corn pieces in the treat/dip cup
*linked to: What's for lunch Wednesday

Here is a close up of the candy
turkey. Isn't he super cute?
This would be too much of a
sweet treat to put in Z's lunch
at one time, so I let him eat
the turkey little by little.
Makes eating him kind of
fun because Z gets to choose
which part gets gobbled up
next....sorry, a little turkey
humor for you.

Some of the things I used to make this lunch:


  1. I just love this lunch. From the food selection to the scrapbook paper used. Everything is just put together so well. you should enter this in a contest... If there is one. 💕

  2. Awwww...thank you, Simply Bento!! I think I have a true scrapbook paper addiction.

  3. What a cute Fall lunch! The little turkey brought back memories for me. I used to make them on Thanksgiving day with my nieces and nephew when they were little.

  4. Keitha, I was amazed when I saw them. I thought they were too cute to eat. My kids had no problem eating them, though!

  5. The lunch is very creative and looks delicious too. Your step mom is quite a talented baker.

    The lunch box I use for my daughter is a Zijirushi hot lunch jar. They're stackable 'tiffins' and keep the food hot up to six hours. That works perfectly for my super picky 10 year old who loves hot lunches and leftovers. I do use some of the toothpicks and other bento accessories to dress up her lunch

  6. Thanks Opal!! Yes, she is very creative. I will have to check out the Zijirushi lunch jar. I'm always looking for great lunch items. Thanks for telling me about it.