Monday, January 27, 2014

Star Student...

I am so proud of my little guy! Friday, Z came home from school so excited because he was chosen to be the Star Student of the Week for this week. This really is a big deal because there are only 8 star students chosen in each grade the entire school year. (Each 1st grade class chooses one star student a month for the months September- April.) Of course, there are many privileges that go along with being the Star Student. The star student gets to be the line leader all week long. They get to sit at a special table at  lunchtime. Your picture goes on the Star Student board by the office, and on Friday afternoon, all the Star Students for the week get to have a popsicle party.

So, it is only fitting that my Star Student gets a star themed lunch today. Great job, Z!! You are always my star.

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This lunch is packed in Easy Lunch Boxes.
*star shaped Applegate bologna and American cheese sandwich with bologna and cheese stars on top
*cheddar cheese pretzels
*blueberries and starfruit slices
*baby carrots with ranch dressing in the star box
*all-natural applesauce with a few star sprinkles on top
*linked to: What's for lunch Wednesday
                  Sun Scholars/ For the kids Fridays

Some of the things, or similar things, that I used to make this lunch:


  1. I'm just curious, how do you keep everything neat once the lunch is packed for the day? Like, wouldn't the stars fall off the sandwich? Wouldn't the pretzels fly everywhere? lol thanks! Just curious!

    1. Hi Becka, thanks for asking! Couple of things help keep the lunch neat...the box itself works to keep things neat with the divided compartments. The applesauce is in a container that has a lid, so it pretty much stays put in that compartment. Same with the carrots...there's not much wiggle room in that little area. The silicone cups work to keep things in place, too. It's hard to tell in the pic, but once the lid is on, the food actually comes up to the lid. So, it's not likely to fall out of the cup. Sometimes, I also use a dab of cream cheese on the bottom of the silicone cups to 'glue' them in place. This works great! As far as the sandwich goes, it probably does shift from side to side a bit, but I don't really worry about that. I just put the stars on top with a dab of the mustard that I used on the sandwich. Any type of condiment works great as 'glue'. Some other bloggers will place a cloth napkin on top of the food in the large section, and then put the lid on. But I don't do this. Also, the lunch bag that I use carries this lunch box flat instead of on its side, and that helps tremendously. Lastly, my little guy is very serious about his little lunches, so he tries to be a bit more careful when he carries it. It's funny that you asked this because I'm working on a post right now on this very to keep the lunch neat and together. Hope to have it finished soon. Thanks for giving me the extra nudge to finish it.