Friday, October 3, 2014

Turkey Rolls

Ahhhhh!!! It's feeling very fallish today in the M-town. A huge cold front came through last night bringing with it heavy thunderstorms, tornadoes, wind, and lightning, but, in its wake....a beautiful sunny fall day. It's cool and crisp out....I love it! Just in time too, because my kidlet's are on fall break next week, and we are heading to the mountains for a little R&R. I can't believe they have been in school for 9 weeks already. So, there won't be any lunches posted next week, but I'll try to pop in and post a lunch from the backlog of lunches I made in the summer.

Simple turkey rolls are for lunch today....very simple to do. My little guy loves these. I cut a round slice of Natural Selects turkey into thirds and then tightly rolled each piece. These little appetizer picks make great mini skewers. I snipped the pointy end off with kitchen shears to make them more kidlet and school friendly.

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This lunch is packed in Easy Lunch Boxes.
  • Natural Selects turkey rolls
  • white cheddar Babybel cheese- I used small heart cutter in the center of the wax.
  • red seedless grapes
  • Snyder's pretzel Spoonz
  • baby carrots with ranch dressing for dipping
  • Hershey's chocolate square

Some of the things, or similar things, that I used to make this lunch:


  1. I am new to your blog and have a question for you. When you pack foods that are typically eaten you warm the food before sending it with your kid to school or do they just eat it cold?

    Thank you for all your ideas. I love your blog!

    1. Hi Darcie. Thanks!! Most of the lunches that I send for my son can be eaten at room temp. I send a cold pack under the lunch to keep the yogurt or applesauce cold. If I send something that he wants warm, then I use a Thermos (stuff like spaghetti, soup, lasagna), or I serve them at home where I can heat up then serve. I'm pretty lucky, though. He will eat a lot of things at room temp that many kids want heated, corndogs, hotdogs, pizza rolls, pancakes, he's pretty easy to pack lunch for.

  2. Where did you get the container for your ranch dressing? I love the colors on it.

    1. Hi Simply Bento! I bought these little cups off of EBay when I first started making lunches. I think the seller was Hong Kong Outlet. I'm not sure if they still carry them.